Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going Home

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! With frequent updates until the blog reaches home in Salt Lake City, jou can look to the right and select the travel segment of interest - just click on it and it will come to the top.
Here is a map of the first week or so of our journey home.

October 16th. Here we are ready to drive away. We are in the Dartmouth Stake Center/Halifax Temple parking lot after President Blake's 'Thank You' party. Richard, our son, was in the area on business and we are headed for the Sterners in Fredricton, then on to Boston where he will complete his business and fly home to Phoenix. Sister Muhn is sharing the back seat with a big pile of our belongings...

Wow, this is going to take forever! I'd forgotten how difficult it is to add more than one picture at a time, then get it in the right place.

Tom & Peggy showed us all around the area and we all picked some Canadian red maple leaves as the countryside was afire with the fall colors!

I wish I could include a hundred more pictures!

Farewell Sterners & Canada! What a wonderful experience!!

Next stop - the border, then Boston.


The weather is beautiful and the scenery spectacular with the fall colors.

Here is part of the Boston skyline

Here is Janet at the Old City Hall in Boston. We walked the Freedom Trail through the downtown area and took in many of the sights.

More Boston

Here is Paul Rever's silversmith shop.

After tromping all over Boston on foot, we visited the Nnahs. Their son, Emmanual, was one of the missionaries we came to know in Malawi, Africa. He is away at school at BYU. Maybe we will see him when we get home.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boston to Connecticut

After Boston, we headed to Connecticut to see Janet's cousin , Amy and her daughter Sophie.

As you can see, the weather is holding out great, the traffic light (except Boston), and the roads clear.

Then on to our longtime friends, Laurel
and Bob George in Danbury, Connecticut.

From Connecticut to Louisiana

Here is a slide show of our trip to Louisiana. After a night at Best Western we dropped in a HERSHEY, then on to visit Kaboni Gondwe in Athens, Ohio where she is working on her advanced nursing degree - she is a friend from Malawi, Africa. It was good to see her and that she is doing well.

Then on to see Janet's cousin, Mike, in West Chester, Ohio. Its about the 21st of October now. She has not seen him for quite a few years. Scott is not in the pictures because he is taking them...

We've tried to leave a little time for unplanned side trips - like going to see Mammoth Cave - fun!

The next night we spent at a Best Western in Mephis, TN. While we were in the area we just had to see Grand Old Opra, Graceland, and then an old time and well preserved plantation in Louisiana (E on the map below). Enjoy the slide show.

A note on the slide shows: The show usually starts before you get to it. You can back it up by clicking on the 'stop' square at the top middle of the slides, then clicking on the back or forward arrow to get to the start or slide you want.

From Louisiana to Texas

Why such a circuitous route back to Salt Lake City? We want to see and get reacquainted with our kids and grand kids! So that will eventually take us to Southern California before the final leg back to Salt Lake City; and then only for a brief layover before we head up to see the last family in Idaho for Christmas (weather permitting).
We stopped at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky then on to the plantation (E) in Louisiana
Here is the next slide show from Marie Kulbeth's home in Lafayette, Louisiana (F) to our daughters in League City, TX (G), just south of Houston.

Taken at our daughter's home in League City -

L to R : My sister, Joann Kearns; with her daughter, Amy Kearns; Alisa Rasmussen; Jewelie R.; Janet Muhn; Kya R.; Riley R.; Nathan R.; Chantry R. Missing: Russell Rasmussen, Alisa's husband. (and me - taking the picture...)

The following slide show includes a birthday party for Chantry, an Eagle Court of Honor for Riley, a trip to Brazos Bend Park (aligators), a ferry trip, and other fun things.

Janet's Mother, Lorene, flew down from Colorado for the Eagle Court of Honor - so a lot of family there!

More pictures from the Houston area.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Houston, TX to Aztec, NM

I guess I only get so much storage on the slide show program, so as I add new pictures, old ones disappear. Haven't figured this all out yet - guess I need to go back and read the fine print! So for now, here are some maps of our continuing journey.
From Mikes (A) we went to Mammoth Cave (B) on 22 Oct. 2010, then on to Grand Ole Opry (C) and spent the night at Best Western in Memphis (D).

The 23rd, we visited Graceland (Elvis Presley - D) then headed south into plantation country where we saw the Rosedown Plantation (E), then continued after nightfall to see Marie Kulbeth (F). We went to Church with her the next day, then headed off for our daughters in League City, TX (G). We spent the 24th of Oct. through the 8th of Nov. at her home and enjoyed the family.

From League City, TX we headed west on the 9th of November and stopped in to see Alex and Stacey Karuth (he was a missionary in Africa while we were there) in San Antonio, TX (B).

We spent the night of 9 Nov. in Ozona, TX (C), then on to see the Billings at Silver City, NM (D) on the 10th . Their daughter is serving in the Halifax Nova Scotia Mission where we came to know and love her.

11 Nov: From the Billings, we drove to Janet's Brother and family in Santa Fe, NM (E) on the 10th of Nov. We spent a few days there and had a wonderful breakfast at Harry's Roadhouse Cafe (world famous I'm told), had a tour of old town Santa Fe, and headed to Aztec, NM to see our son, Samuel, and his wife, Sarah. While there we shingled a shed and we all pitched in to clean part of their back yard so he could relocate another shed.

We went to a choir presentation that Sarah is part of and flew R/C planes and helo's with Sam one calm day.