Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In The Beginning

Hi family and friends!

We plan to update this page regularly on our mission to the Nova Scotia Temple, then send a group email to everyone notifying them of an update - you can then 'click' the link on the email to see what we are up to. If anyone out there is more experienced or blog savy, let me know if there is an easier way.

Go click HALIFAX to learn about the area, TEMPLE to learn about the temple.

We enter the Provo MTC on 6 April - we figure that is a good date.

Our mailing and physical address while in Nova Scotia will be:
10 Cumberland Drive #104 Phone: 902-434-9211
Dartmouth, NS B2V 2C7

Goggle Earth Coordinates:
44 Deg 40' 14.89" N
63 Deg 29' 18.90" W

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  1. Ha! First comment! I hope you have a great time. I'm sure you will have some amazing experiences, and meet a lot of great people. May the Lord bless your every step.