Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Ready

What to take, what to leave, what to toss, what to store. A million decisions. . .
Scott is figuring out what to buy and take along to keep the car running, the computer running, etc. and what to take to keep WARM.
Janet is trying to figure out what to pack from the kitchen. Scott occasionally shows her the car and reminds her it is a Toyota Corolla, not a Suburban with trailer. She consoles him with assurances that it will ALL fit... a picture will be sure to follow!
What to do for health insurance, how to pay bills, how to keep in touch with family, etc. It is somewhat stressful but we think we are doing pretty good.
Mission Schedule (Tentative!): Report to the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) - 6 April between 10 and 11:30 am. We will be at the MTC Monday through Friday, then back to home for the weekend and back Monday the 13th where we will be 'living' at the MTC and catching a shuttle each morning from there to the Provo Temple (across the street almost), eating lunch at the Temple, then returning to the MTC for the evening or doing something special in the temple if we so desire. Scott's thinking he may want to familiarize himself with some of the ordinances in French since the Nova Scotia temple offers several sessions in French.
Anyway, we think we will be returning back home the afternoon of April 16th, packing the car to the gills, and heading out for Nova Scotia on the 17th - weather permitting.
Total mileage to Halifax is about 3015 miles. It may be longer if we have to avoid blizzards.


  1. We wish you the very best, and are missing you already.

  2. yeah, ditto what Sailor said. Janet, you, Linda and Mindy were all missing from behind us and I just began to cry. boo hoo