Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a busy and wonderful Christmas here in Nova Scotia. Although we missed family and friends, we have met so many wonderful people here in Nova Scotia and in the future I hope to share a few of their stories. Each one is unique, heart warming, and faith promoting how the Lord will seek out his sheep. (Ezekiel 34:11 KJV).

25 Dec 2009 - Christmas Day. Elder & Sister Muhn opening some gifts:

25 Dec 2009 - Christmas dinner at the Jewer's in Lunenburg:

24 Dec 2009: Both the Stuarts and the Pillings invited us over for Christmas eve dinner and festivities - a wonderful evening with good friends:

23 Dec 2009: The Churches in this area have a yearly live nativity program including live animals (as available). I have mostly movies - but it is likely to take some time to edit those into something presentable, so here are a few pictures. Sorry if some are a little blurry:

Lights and Sights around town:

12 Dec 09 The Temple President and his wife had a Christmas Open House for friends and temple workers. Most of the pictures are of the decorations as I thought I'd talk with people rather than take pictures of them this time :-) :

9 Dec 09: Janet, with testing assistance from Scott), cooked and baked plates of goodies for everyone in our apartment complex as well as friends and missionaries - no small undertaking!

7 Dec 09 The Church in Sackville has a yearly creche display where church members and others in the community bring their nativity pieces for display:

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