Friday, June 4, 2010

This is our Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching route (we are 'A'). Between the temple and trying to squeeze this in between is a challenge. To reach the one way out at Port Deffern ('D') on the far right takes about 1-Hr 40 Min if we don't stop at any of the others on the way. There are a man and woman we try to get home at the same time. If we time it right it is a two day affair. We go up, help clean, fix and repair, spend the night, then help with other things and head back the next morning. We often try to catch one or two others on the way - but it seldom works out.

An interesting sight on our way to Port Duffern.

This is one of those sights you whizz by then say, "what was that?!". So this time I stopped took a picture. One picture is worth a thousand words . . . .

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