Monday, December 6, 2010

Phoenix and Dana Point - CA

At Phoenix we visited our son, Richard, and his wife, Lisa, and son, George. They live just north of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. While there we helped with his remodeling of his 'new' home - something for the young and energetic; but it was good to help and share in their life. Its also a good time to be in the desert!

We arrived in Phoenix the evening of November 19.

Collin Oxspring is another of the great elders that served with us in the Zimbabwe mission.
We left Phoenix 30 November to spend some time with our son-in-law, Dan Everett, who has just started his own Medical Hyperbaric Treatment business. Then a visit to long time friends, Ken & Cathy Wilson who are serving in the Redlands Temple. Finally on to our Daughter's home in Dana Point, California. Dan, her husband, commutes to spend the week at Palm Springs. Again - wonderful weather!

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