Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going Home

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! With frequent updates until the blog reaches home in Salt Lake City, jou can look to the right and select the travel segment of interest - just click on it and it will come to the top.
Here is a map of the first week or so of our journey home.

October 16th. Here we are ready to drive away. We are in the Dartmouth Stake Center/Halifax Temple parking lot after President Blake's 'Thank You' party. Richard, our son, was in the area on business and we are headed for the Sterners in Fredricton, then on to Boston where he will complete his business and fly home to Phoenix. Sister Muhn is sharing the back seat with a big pile of our belongings...

Wow, this is going to take forever! I'd forgotten how difficult it is to add more than one picture at a time, then get it in the right place.

Tom & Peggy showed us all around the area and we all picked some Canadian red maple leaves as the countryside was afire with the fall colors!

I wish I could include a hundred more pictures!

Farewell Sterners & Canada! What a wonderful experience!!

Next stop - the border, then Boston.

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  1. beautiful.
    remember slide show? that might be a great place to do that.