Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On The Road - Day 1

Day-1 Salt Lake City to Cheyenne, Wyoming
Packed to the roof!

. Goodby Salt Lake

Meeting Katie (our niece) at Little America - we were heading east, she was heading west!

Cheyenne welcoming committee (vultures). Well, seems like they are migrating just like us...

Wyoming Capitol Building - Cheyenne.

We stayed with Janet's cousin, Dewey Long, in Cheyenne.


  1. It sounds like you are making good progress. I wouldn't recognize Dewey if I ran right into him on the street. Thanks for the pictures.
    Nice you stopped to see Katie.
    I went to choir tonight and your two sweet friends are behind me. It is nice to have them back. We are singing Donny's composition Highland Cathedral again. We got a new assistant conductor, due to Donny's busyness with the orchestra, Pastor Mike's Flock and Sterling's job. His name is George Welch. I don't know if he is related to Jay or not. He used to conduct the Salt Lake Symphony. He is amazing.
    I miss you

  2. The great adventure begins. I hope you have a great trip. It looks like it will be a fun one.

  3. You guys look like you're having too much fun...you are awesome! It was so good to see you the other day!