Sunday, April 26, 2009

Arrival at Dartmouth

We spent Friday night at Fredricton after driving into the night. Towns here are far and few between and gas is about $3/gal U.S., so we are sure glad we don't have a gas guzzler! The price is set by the government, so there isn't much sense shopping around.

You can also tell you have arrived in Canada by the MacDonalds signs - notice they have a little oak leaf in the center of the 'M'!

The day was beautiful and the warmest of the year so far. As you can see, it was blue skies and smooth sailing as we entered Nova Scotia.

Here was our first glimps of the temple through the traffic! We found it!

We arrived at the temple and found the couple we will be replacing, the Alder's, and began training right away.

Saturday evening we went to President & Sister Blake's home to stay until the Alder's leave and we are able to move into the apartment.
Also that evening we were invited over to the Stewart's home for a farewell/welcome party with many of the people in the ward and even the Stake President and his wife showed up there. We played a fund game until around 9PM and then headed back to the Blake's. in intermittant rain.
The Blake's are at Fredricton at a Stake Conference and will return Sunday night. More pictures to follow as time permits. Love You ALL!


  1. How fun! What a tiny temple. Thanks for the update! We have been getting rain. Katie is here visiting and who should pop in just before we headed to Leo's? Becky and Travis. What a wonderful surprise.
    love you

  2. Glad you made it. Annie's comment has all the news. The outage is over and spring has sprung, so it will be about gardening for a month or so. We are glad you got there without mishap and had a good trip. Love you. Dave

  3. I hope the drive didn't involve anyone on the side of the road riding bikes with firewood on their head...