Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunday 3 May 2009

This week has been quite an experience. Last night and today we heard from Stake and General Authorities as part of the Dartmouth Stake Conference. The special occasion was the release of President Smith and his counselors and the sustaining of the new stake president and his counselors. Each was unique and had a special testimony that was shared in the talks of Saturday evening and Sunday. The meetings Saturday were held in the Stake Center adjacent to the temple and was quite well attended; the Sunday meeting was held in the Halifax Forum in downtown Halifax due to the great number of people expected. Elder Daryl H. Garn of the Second Quorum of Seventy served in Canada as a young missionary and commented on the extrodinary growth and progress of the Church in Canada resulting in five temples across Canada at present. The other visiting general authority, Elder Walter C. Selden told some of his experiences growing up and his personal testimony of the Savior.
The new Stake President, Brother Evans, is a native of England and a convert to the Church. He related how he had received the impression that he would be called as the new president and who his counselors would be; one of them he knew, the other he did not. So he visited the Cole Harbour Ward a week ago (our Ward) to see who this man was. He was our High Priest Group Leader and gave one of the most outstanding lessons I have ever seen.
President Blake (our Temple President) spoke at the Saturday evening session and promised us that if we would ask the Lord, and seek to know, He would confirm in our hearts that this new stake presidency was called of God, not of man. To know that this is a divine process, not a political one, and to see the beautiful manner in which the mantle of leadership transfers without any animosity or bantering for position occurs is in itself a strong testimony of how the Lord guides and directs His Church.

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  1. It sounds like you are having many wonderful experiences already. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Annie is at Mutti's. She (and D2, and C&L) made the trip yesterday. I guess the kids were pretty tired. I took her up to D1's on Sunday and got to see J & M. They surely are sweet kids. Plowing their way through school. It was a nice day. C & I went to the park as he has soooooooooooo many wiggles and L was napping and D2 wanted her to remain napping.

    That is about all that is new here. I have alot of yard work and some building projects to be working on, planters and such. Love you both.