Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Apartment

Our apartment from the rear parking lot; just to the left of the black car.
From the parking lot, the temple is up a little hill to the left.
The left picture is looking toward the hall entrance from the outside entrance.
To the right is looking back from the hall entrance. Janet is talking with her mother for Mother's day.
Behind the blue couch (left picture)in back of the divider and to the right is a coat closet.
To the left of the hall entrance door is the kitchen. Everything is electric ($$).
Here is the kitchen with the hall to the left. At the end of the hall is the water heater closet.
To the left are the 'den' followed by the bedroom.
On the right, past the kitchen, is the bathroom.
Here is the bedroom from the hall, then looking back towards the closet.
Here is the den or computer room. To the left and hidden is another closet.

The bathroom, or as they call it here; the 'changing room'. Nice big tub with shower, long counter - but only one basin. All in all, we are growning to like it. The people here are friendly and the apartment is quiet. The manager or 'super', Claud Keeping is friendly, attentive, and takes good care of the apartments.
It takes a little getting used to the 100% humidity - things don't dry out like they do in the desert! This week has been overcast with occassional light rain or drizzle and fog one morning.
We also have a small storage cage elsewhere in the apartment complex.

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