Monday, May 11, 2009

11 May - Preparation Day

11 May 09: We are getting out of shape so decided to go on a walkabout. The picture to the right is of a power box along the way - a nice touch.

We saw some walking trails just over a mile from our home. We walked to them and explored. Sister Muhn is in heaven - there is a red barn at the beginning of the trail (she has this thing for red barns). The water in the pictures is a bay leading to the ocean. It ended up a nice 4 mile walk.
... <-Elder Muhn enjoying the sun!

Here is a view of the Temple from our walk; it is just below the horizon a little left of center - the Stake center to the left. Our apartment building would be to the right of the temple if it were visible.

We thought some of the pine trees were dead. But they are deciduous - they lose their foliage in the winter. Here is a closeup of one budding out. Wait until the fall - the colors should be amazing!

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  1. Wow, it sure looks pretty! I love the pictures. Hope you're having a good time.